Client Reviews


I know your time is valuable, so I will keep this short. Our goals are straightforward:

    1. To make sure your expectations are meet and you are satisfied with the work we have provided.

    2. To use the highest quality of materials and proven carpentry techniques to complete your project in a timely manner

    3. To be responsible to communication with you about your ideas, goals, and the progress we are making. (You won’t have to run me down for an answer)

    4. I run our business with integrity and honesty and have taken care to build a positive reputation. To me, you are an important team member as we build your project and a potential friend after it is completed.

What Our Clients Say:

Before choosing Randy Clark as our General Contractor, I considered many different dock builders for our LBJ dock in The Legends. I can say with confidence that I made the right choice.

Randy sets himself apart from the competition by his truly custom approach (ask him…he can likely do it) and attention to detail. Also, I’ve always said that to succeed in this world you have to do just one thing well…”Do what you say you are going to do.” Seems simple but most people don’t.

Randy does however. He was on time (early), on budget (under actually), and was consistently present to make sure the job was done correctly. It was clear that he took great personal pride in his work and was most concerned with doing the job right and not just getting it done.

I think with Randy you are not just hiring a big company, unsure of who will actually build your dock but rather, you’re hiring the man and you can trust him. ~ Joel Hurt MD

Randy Clark, of Hawkeye Builders, was our Contractor for a pretty extensive remodel on a home we bought in The Legends.

His expertise and knowledge of building, as well as getting the right workers, was very impressive and helpful. The job was done in a timely manner and when completed, Randy was not only our Contractor, but he was our friend.

We would highly recommend him to do any job and to do it with integrity and excellence.
~ John & Janette StClair

Hawkeye Builders replaced our retaining wall and built our new boat/Sea‑Doo dock. Randy worked with us to design the dock to include everything we wanted, then built it on‑time and on‑budget. Throughout the process, Randy advised us of the progress and was always available to answer questions. We could not be more pleased with the way our new dock has transformed our waterfront. ~ Hank Hudson